Every step in our work seeks to value the Brazilian product in the world through export. Also present in every step of papaya production is the commitment with the environment and sustainable methods. A way to highlight our care with the Brazilian papaya production compared to other countries.

All of our papaya’s production begins in the states of Espírito Santo e Rio Grande do Norte. Harvest, separation, treatment and transportation are essential steps. But to ensure there is quality in the final product, we primarily cherish and care for the people responsible for the entire process. That’s why our producers follow specific standards of integrated agriculture and our export processes are always aligned with high international standards.

It’s for these and other reasons that Sunset papayas safely reach over 15 countries, distributed in three continents.

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Caldara products are exported by Interfruit

Caldara is an Interfruit brand, Brazilian exporter responsible for shipping over 500 tons of papaya monthly to the foreign market. The company controls every step of the export process to ensure compliance with the most rigorous processes of production, handling and transportation. Efforts that are attested by the acquisition of important international certifications.

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