Caldara: our brand

During the 19th century, a wave of immigration that included many Italian families arrived in Espírito Santo. Their main intent was to work in agriculture and produce crops that grow like in no other land.

The hard work of these families created Linhares, on the north coast of the state, which nowadays is the exportation center of papaya in Brazil.

This same city became the birthplace of Caldara. Founded in 1996, the company is committed to valuing the origins of its papaya and to guarantee quality of life both for those who consume the fruit and for those who work with it.

We are proud of our history. The name Caldara is, precisely, an inheritance of the family surname whose descendants founded the company. For us, the appreciation of papaya is also a way of valuing local communities and celebrating the ties among the people who work here.

Nowadays, we are able to export tons of papaya all over the world with the right partners and professionals to conduct cultivation and production processes in the best way possible. Caldara papayas are in markets such as the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries in the Americas and Europe, meeting the most rigorous import criteria.


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